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Enjoy This Holiday Season's Trending Audios You Can't Miss!

Now that we are a week into December, it is finally the time when businesses begin advertising their holiday specials online, TV ads, and even social media posts using trending audios. If you're looking for a more affordable advertising option as a small business owner, social media advertising is one of the best options this holiday season.

According to an article by CNBC, 48% of Gen Z will do their holiday shopping on either TikTok or Instagram. Look into the pay-per-click advertising options on platforms like Instagram and TikTok to maximize the visibility of your advertisements and business pages this holiday season.


Trending Audios for the Week

This section will focus on the early trending audios across Instagram and TikTok for the week and tips on what to record for the best results. We understand finding audio marked as "Trending" with under 10,000 videos is normally difficult to find scrolling on your own, that's why we are here to help.

Type: Hip-Hop, Calm

Looking for a soothing instrumental? This audio is the perfect background audio for a video project or a B.T.S. footage of your business.

You can find this audio trending on many personal algorithms as it is not uniquely trending in one community, so use it now!

To stand out and make a lasting impression with this audio make sure to use the transition features on Instagram, or use a third-party application such as CapCut.

If you're not looking to show your face or record your voice this audio can be used as a hook for a Caption Article.


Type: Bright, Happy

Lesley Gore's rendition of "Misty" encapsulates timeless elegance and emotional depth, making it a perfect choice for social media reels. The song's dreamy melody and heartfelt lyrics evoke a sense of nostalgia and longing, creating an instant connection with listeners.

Its universality and enduring charm make "Misty" by Lesley Gore a remarkable soundtrack choice for breathing life into social media content, offering a bridge between the past and present for audiences to connect and resonate with on various levels.

Capturing poignant momentswith this song provides a rich audio canvas for creators to craft engaging reels.


Type: Hip-Hop (90s)

Perfect trending audio for restaurants, cafes, and other food industry accounts that are able to short snapshots of content such as this lobster dunk in seasoned butter!

A remix between Montell Jordan's This Is How We Do It and Ice Cube's and You Know How We Do It to create an artistic blend for social media creators to use as background music for video projects.

If you're an artist looking to find content, this is perfect for you. Simply find the right camera angle, press record and get lost in the process. In the sample video attached, you'll see how the creator aligned the clips to show as if it were being painted piece by piece.


Type: Pop, Upbeat

A sped-up version of After the Storm by Kali Uchis x Tyler the Creator has been circiling online and eseically among fashion accounts showing off their OOTD.

It wasn't long before freelancers got creative with the audio and can be seen using it as a way to show off portfolio projects and artwork.

On top of being a video editors heaven audio with the upbeat pace of the song for short cuts and quick jumps to keep viewer entertained, this is simply a bright audio to be used on almost any project.

Tip: Even if you don't know of what to use the audio for right now, a good thing to keep in mind is bookmarking those audios for later.


Type: RnB, Calm

Having trouble trying to think of ideas for reels? Take a look at this sample with a woman making a cocktail, but showing how it can be done with little to no costly equipment.

This audio can be easily used for voiceover edits, or even restaurant owners who want to dispaly a simple menu item.

There are many ways to use this song, and even many more ways to create videos that compliment the vibe.

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