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The Latest Trending Audios for November to Elevate Your Social Media Presence

Updated: Nov 26, 2023

Now that the Fall season is underway with cooler mornings and cloudier days in Salt Lake County, the holidays are rolling in with small businesses preparing for an uptick in traffic before the snowfall. While many businesses are using social media to promote their seasonal specials, deals, and discounts, this is a perfect time to implement trending audios to catch your customer's algorithm and use content templates for easy-to-post videos for the week.

Whether you're in e-commerce, retail, or even food & service there is a crucial need for welcoming social media presences to seem active. This can be as simple as posting daily updates on your story, or even highlighting employees who have stood out. These are great ways to maintain a personalized social presence that is still focused on your business and location.


Trending Audios for the Week

This section will focus on the early trending audios across Instagram and TikTok for the week and tips on what to record for the best results. We understand finding audio marked as "Trending" with under 10,000 videos is normally difficult to find scrolling on your own, that's why we are here to help.

Type: Calm, Tranquil

Many small business owners have been posting errands, order processing, and even simple walking tours of their facilities with quality hooks to keep viewers interested and engaged.

A helpful tip when using this audio is to use short, fast clips in 2-3 second intervals for the entirety of the audio.

For those gamers reading, this gives an old Pokemon background music style which is great for overlaying on simple/minimalistic video clips.

Suggestion: In order to effectively use this audio, add a catchy hook when showing off a product, new service, or location. This will ensure viewers remain engaged with the flow of content until they reach the call to action from your reel.


Type: Smooth, Soft

Sampled off an original song created by an artist named Laufey, this song has found its place among creators, and business owners alike showing off daily vlogs and other creative endeavors.

In the sample video, this is a great example of how this creator used the audio to maintain an informative experience the entire way through the process of making it with base materials, to the finished product.

Suggestion: This audio is only at max 15 seconds long, so if you anticipate using this as a background song for anything longer I would use another audio. Although popular, this can be better implemented when used with short, fast-clipped videos.


Type: Ethereal, Uplifting

There are many ways to use the audio above as it is an ethereal and celestial style mood that can be used on almost anything you overlay onto.

A popular suggestion would be to place this audio in the background as you record a narration of the content, or even describe the current activity in the video with examples here.

If you're an artist looking to find content, this is perfect for you. Simply find the right camera angle, press record and get lost in the process. In the sample video attached, you'll see how the creator aligned the clips to show as if it were being painted piece by piece.

Suggestion: Audios like this are ideal for B-Roll and timelapse footage.


Type: Pop, Upbeat

Taking a break from the slow and soft beats, this audio is perfect for fast-paced action shots for your business, or even travel videos when you're out on the town.

Although this audio is more upbeat, it can still be used in a similar format as the other audios, however, this has a better aesthetic to be used in outdoor or active footage.

Popular among restaurant accounts for its ability to smoothly transition from kitchen shots, preperation and serving. As seen in the video attached, Space City Birria x Tiene Eats showed a perfect example of how to implement the style of different shots.


Type: Alternative, Pop

This song is from the artist Lola Young and her new song Conceited which has taking a grasp to social media and content creators like glue. Used by different artists and creators from tattoo artists, bakers, even to furniture shops looking to promote their Fall specials.

Using this audio to display your building, workstation and even home office is perfect for making a personalized post for your audience and community. Oftentimes you'll see creators vlog their daily routine with Conceited playing in the background.

There are many ways to use this song, and even many more ways to create videos that compliment the vibe.


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