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Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice: Discover New Trending Audios This Holiday Season

Fall Themed Table with Leaves and Pumpkins

With Thanksgiving out of the way and Black Friday behind us, we are all awaiting the Christmas-themed music to flood our Instagram feed. Almost every year we will get some variation of a Mariah Carey classic, as well as a never-ending stream of Baby It's Cold Outside jokes. With all of these classics, there will always be a special few that find their way to become hidden gems and help creators like yourself stand out from all the other creators.

This article will guide you through this season's trending audios for your social media marketing, as well as introduce to you a whole variety of upcoming audios that will be useful no matter your industry.


Trending Audios for the Week

This section will focus on the early trending audios across Instagram and TikTok for the week and tips on what to record for the best results. We understand finding audio marked as "Trending" with under 10,000 videos is normally difficult to find scrolling on your own, that's why we are here to help.

Type: Calm, Lo-Fi

This audio is perfect for restaurant owners who are offering specials for this holiday season. Take the time to use the short beat intervals to share the specials on-screen.

You can find this audio trending on many personal algorithms as it is not uniquely trending in one community, so use it now!

This trending audio also works great with time lapse footage, slow motion videos of you working, and much more.

Tip: The cover of your Instagram reel does not have to always be the same footage in the video. A key tip is to take a seperate photo that will match your page aesthetic and use that instead by using the Add from Camera Roll button.


Type: Smooth, R&B

Are you an artist who is working on a project for long periods of time and forget to film yourself? Trust me, I am the same way but this is your opportunity to film yourself working on that project.

Tip: Use the Auto Sync feature on the new Instagram reels update on the upper right-hand side of the utility tools.

This trending audio is also perfect for videographers with tons of footage and nowhere to use them. Cleo Sol's Self is a perfect background audio for smooth scenic transitions, or simply an overall collection your most cherished photos.

Tip: These audios are uniquely chosen to be best suitable for all industries.


Type: Hip-Hop, Ethereal

With Drake releasing new songs that suit an Ethereal backdrop, it was a perfect audio for workers to film themselves hard at work on their craft and in the zone.

A popular suggestion would be to place this audio in the background as you record a narration of the content, or even describe the current activity in the video with examples here.

If you're an artist looking to find content, this is perfect for you. Simply find the right camera angle, press record and get lost in the process. In the sample video attached, you'll see how the creator aligned the clips to show as if it were being painted piece by piece.

Suggestion: Audios like this are ideal for B-Roll and time lapse footage.


Type: Holiday, Mellow

Capture the spirit of the season with this trending audio for your social media advertising and holiday specials.

by incorporating popular holiday tunes and sounds into your social media posts, you can create a festive and engaging atmosphere for potential customers to follow your page and shop.

Wether it's a catchy jingle or the sound of crackling fire, leveraging trending holiday audios can help your brand stand out and leave a lasting impression this holiday season.

So, why not infuse your social media marketing with the magic of trending holiday audios and spread some holiday cheer.


Type: Smooth, Soft

Based of an edited sample of Indila's Love Story song, this has been a trending audio for small businesses to showcase holiday displays and even update renovations as a background audio.

Using this audio to display your building, workstation and even home office is perfect for making a personalized post for your audience and community. Oftentimes you'll see creators vlog their daily routine with Indila's Love Story playing in the background.

There are many ways to use this song, and even many more ways to create videos that compliment the vibe.


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