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Instagram Caption Articles: The Newest Trend for Business Pages

Understand Caption Articles

Image of a man using Instagram social media.

Caption articles are one of the newest trends on Instagram Reels for business pages looking to share field-related information, updates, or stories with their community and followers. On top of viewing their content, the primary purpose of this technique is to drive up engagement from followers and keep them on your video.

You may have seen this on your explore page from creators sharing their favorite traveling locations, novels, and even supplies for projects, however, with enough creativity this technique can be used across many different business accounts driving up engagement.

Elevate your social media presence by implementing caption articles into your content rotation along with other story posts, and reels. Learn to identify the most important steps of any caption article by creating your hook, choosing base footage, and inserting SEO keywords into your caption. With all of these tricks together you will be on your way to mastering caption articles.


Creating Your Hook

The hook for your Instagram reel is important and should be the first thing you think about when making a caption article. Normally, when people are scrolling on their phones they looking at the base footage (main video) and not necessarily the caption itself. This is where having an eye-catching hook will be useful to increasing views, as well as driving up engagement as people scroll and read the article.

Most hooks are no longer than a sentence or two, but the shorter the better as people do not wan't to stay on a video longer than 10 seconds. Asking a question such as "Have you read J.K Rowling? Here are my top favorites to read", or even "Interested in learning about finances? Read the caption for my tips to start". These don't have to be extremely specific, but tailoring your caption articles to your target demographic will increase the visibility of these reels as well as potential for recurring viewership.

Choosing Base Footage

If you're familiar with caption articles than you know that most of the base footage used are simplistic shots of a product, location, or matching aesthetic to your page. There is one thing in common, most of the times there is not a full-length video attached to these reels.

Most content creators make a habit of saving old footage because it comes in handy for projects like this where you can paste together different clips making a whole variety of reels to use for your business.

Tips: When I started our managing social media pages using Google Drives free 15GB memory storage is useful for getting in the habit of digital organization.


Implementing SEO Keywords

Whenever you think of hashtags you may think of some teenager sharing their life and memes on a social media platform, but it plays into a bigger role for search engines with a concept called Search Engine Optimization or SEO. Using hashtags that are specific to the content you are publishing helps these content companies organize content to better match potneital viewers to those videos, and hashtags makes it easier for those algorithms to sort. However, hashtags are not enough at times especially on popular topics and industries and this is when planting SEO keywords into your caption text increase the search results for your content.

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